How are posters different than wall murals?

The posters contain the same information as the wall murals, but are delivered as a rolled print instead of mounted on gatorboard. Map posters are perfect for offices and portable to be utilized meetings. Because they are printed and shipped in a tube, with no mounting, framing or packaging costs, they are also less expensive than the wall murals.

What information is provided on the wall murals?

Aerial Focus wall murals include up-to-date aerial imagery with graphical data overlays to identify interstate highways, major roads, railroads, hospitals, retail, parks, industrial complexes, universities, airports, residential communities, etc.

Online imagery is blurry when I try to enlarge it, how are these different?

Imagery provided online is at a much smaller file size and dpi (dots per inch) in order to deliver quickly and create a positive user experience. It is not designed to be enlarged to create large format wall murals. Aerial Focus uses current imagery and works with extremely large files to provide clear and accurate images for output.

How are they produced?

First the imagery is acquired and color balanced to achieve the highest quality image. Next, we use multiple GIS and graphics software programs to add all of the data overlays/labels and prepare the file to print. Once printed, we can provide them as a professionally folded brochure or deliver them rolled in a tube.

Are these rolled prints or mounted and framed?

Aerial Focus can provide them as a professionally folded brochure or deliver them rolled in a tube.

What sizes do you offer?

Our posters can be produced in a variety of sized depending on the needs of your project but typically near 28”X40”.

How do the seams look on multiple panel wall murals?

Most Standard size wall murals are two panels and have a hinged and imagery wrapped seam for a professional look and to avoid the print from lifting off the gatorboard. It also results in a fold-able wall mural to help reduce shipping costs and make the installation easier. Some wall murals are three or more panels and those maps will be produced using the same imagery wrapped process on all seams.

How often are they updated?

Updated imagery is typically available 1 time per year.

Can I customize a wall mural by adding my company logo or GIS data?

Yes. Logos and other data can easily be added to your map.

Can I choose my own coverage area and change the size?

Yes, we specialize in custom designs to fit the needs of your project.

What is write-erase lamination?

Write-erase lamination is optional and allows you to write on the mural with a dry-erase marker and easily wipe clean.

What is magnetic backing?

Magnetic backing is an optional finish that allows customers to place small magnets on the mural to identify features and communicate with clients. This is accomplished by placing a thin metal sheet between the print and the gatorboard when the map is produced.

Do you ship nationwide?


How long does it take to receive the posters?

Typical time to arrive is 7-10 business days from the time the proof is approved.

How much do they cost?

Aerial Focus produced each custom map poster to the specifications of our clients. Those specifications vary greatly from client to client. However, a typical order for a quantity of 200, 2-sided professionally folded map posters is $5,000.00.

Individual map posters can be purchased in our online shop.