Aerial Focus has served the commercial real estate brokers and developers industry for over a decade. Our huge wall murals and posters can be found in board rooms and lobbies throughout numerous markets. The data used in conjunction with aerial imagery is vitally important to the overall success of each project. Whether it’s rolled aerial maps being used for a presentation or utilizing one of Aerial Focus’ wall murals to make notes on a write/erase surface, these tools are extremely effective with clients. We’ve heard repeatedly from our real estate clients for years that our products are essential to their success.

  • Home Builders

    Our home builder clients utilize our products as a visual reference for their customers that shows points of interest such as available lots, nearby schools, retail, parks, airports etc. They commonly display Aerial Focus posters and large wall murals in model home sales offices. Our digital imagery is also utilized in designing sales collateral that is distributed to prospective homeowners. Additionally, land acquisition departments often call on us to provide aerial maps that assist in their decision making process.

  • Aviation

    You can find huge Aerial Focus wall murals hanging in FBO’s that make an impressive statement. Professionally folded map posters that include valuable data and facts of the surrounding market can be found in their lobbies and reception areas. These tools are a valuable resource to customers who are visiting for business and pleasure.


    Construction progress photos play a critical role in assisting our clients with managing their projects. Aerial imagery from Aerial Focus allows them to effectively plan a new project from evaluation stage all the way through to completion. Custom flown oblique(3D) images are commonly requested to give our construction clients the best perspective. Additionally, many of our construction clients display wall murals in their corporate headquarters’ lobbies and conference rooms as an impressive representation of their operations.

  • Municipalities (Economic Development, Chambers of Commerce, P&Z)

    City government entities have become a very specialized niche in Aerial Focus for over a decade. Each town/city has a unique story to present to developers, major employers, retailers and individuals considering a move to their community. Our professionally folded aerial posters include the specific data and images needed to effectively present their story. Planning & Zoning departments often combine our updated aerial imagery with use in their GIS departments to create necessary mapping tools used in vital decision making. Our digital imagery is commonly used in demographic reports, flyers and presentations. Walls inside municipal buildings are often used to display enormous wall murals of the city, county and surrounding geography.


    The medical community utilizes Aerial Focus’ products to assist with site selection when considering a new market. We can serve any size client from a small medical office to very large medical group that wants to showcase all their facilities in a particular market with a wall mural in their conference room. They typically want to show proximity to airports, neighborhoods and other amenities in the surrounding area.

  • Industrial

    Custom flown oblique’s are commonly requested by our industrial clients to display wall murals in their lobbies and conference rooms as an impressive representation of their operations.


    Whether it is a school district or major university school districts commonly use Aerial Focus wall murals to illustrate locations, district boundaries and proximity to major points of interest such as neighborhoods and retail. Our map posters are also utilized as an effective reference tool that can be distributed to students and parents.


    Many of the electrical and gas service companies, water districts, phone and cable providers, and energy companies have all used Aerial Focus imagery and wall murals to map out their service areas digitally or to display a large printed mural in their conference rooms. Having a current map with the newly constructed subdivisions is critical to their infrastructure and other planning departments.

  • Oil & Gas

    Many Oil & Gas companies have utilized Aerial Focus imagery to map out their coverage area and display on a wall mural in their conference room.

  • Ranches

    Ranch owners commonly showcase their property in a large wall mural that is displayed at their residence. Map posters are also utilized as reference guides and marketing for ranches that host hunters and visitors at their property.


    Site selection is a primary use of Aerial Focus’ wall murals and portable maps. The tool allows retail clients to quickly and effectively evaluate real estate development within a prospective market.